dancing with disease

yo from America. yes, i’m officially a blogger- it’s a habit I want to continue.  As I type this morning here are the words that are dancing across my heart — “He allowed me to see, when I danced with HIV, and held hands with Aids, prayed beside typhoid, and watched malaria get saved.” ….this is a line from the poem “African Heartbeat” that I’ve been writing since being back from Nigeria.  The poem will pop up on here so soon, as it is almost finished, but for now that is the line that keeps it going.  There is way too much emotion for my small vocabulary to hold when it comes to describing what its like being back in the states for the last week.  Nothing looks the same to me.  Everything is drastically different than the way I left it, not because it has changed, but because the Lord is changing what I see in it. When I take a drink of water without having to think about where it came from, when I leave a cut open without worrying what it will be exposed to, when I hop in my car and run an errand, when I hear “i love you”  from the incredible people that the Lord has placed in my life–none of these things will ever be the same for me. I pray. I do not wish to go back to to the day where those are simply everyday things that I feel entitled to simply because I was born on American soil…the Lord is the giver of every good gift…I don’t deserve a single thing…it is all by His grace…and He is the One worthy of praise….I can still feel Ugo’s little hand in mine, I can still hear the kids laughing as I attempt Nigerian dance moves, I can taste Nutri-C on a really hot day, and I can feel the heat of being packed in a van with about triple its size limit.  I pray I never forget.  Yesterday I was so sure that part of my pancake was shaped like Africa, and I knew it would just be a day where I really was missing the kiddos.  As it was.  In Church we sang through Mighty to Save and I couldn’t help but get really choked up when we sang “shine Your light and let the whole world see.”  Thankful that He truly is God of the nations, and that He is at work all over the globe- not limited by time, space, or distance…I am officially two days from kamp! ahhhhhh- and will be blogging all summer to keep my prayer team updated and just because it’s one thing that really makes my heart beat fast- to write as I feel- to watch through words as the Lord continues to teach me more about Himself and His people.  I’m so thankful beyond words for your constant encouragement and prayers.  they are blessings far beyond measure, and I praise Jesus for every one of them.  thanks for reading, please continue to as I head to do life in the woods of Golden, Mo with the most precious kids on the planet that dwell in the inner cities all over our country.  Will post a poem and some pics soon.  Today when you take a cold drink of water, dig deeply into the Bible, hug tightly someone you adore, walk to a cabinet full of food, feel the clothes on your back, and have sweet time with Jesus–take just a second to remember the blessing that it is, and take a minute to pray for those all over this globe that are in desperate need today.  He hears us. it’s Truth.  Psalm 65:2 starts with “O you who hear prayer….” beautiful..so thankful that He hears us….will write soon……in His grace from the good ole sunflower state.


One response to “dancing with disease

  1. Well..Can I just say…amazing?:) I LOVE the lines you have written. Can’t wait to hear the rest! Loved having you here. The kids still pray for you every night and thank
    God for your safe arrival in America!:)Ha. It is sweet. We have them praying for your camp now. Be safe and have a great time. Love ya Stef. You are a blessing to me and you left a great impression on the kids. They won’t ever forget you!

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