yo from Londo!

yeah, it’s London, but Londo rhymed with yo so I thought we’d go with it!  Currently sitting in the London airport- it’s early in the morning, it’s gorgeous, and there is tea and pastry all around me 🙂  It feels really really weird to be back around this type of culture- Africa has forever left it s mark on me, I think my heart could potentially have a different beat.  If I close my eyes for more than two seconds pictures of the kids dance through my mind, and there is the sweetest ache in the middle of my chest.  I’ll never get over them, I’ll never stop being in awe of what the Lord did and is doing in that place.  It scared me today as I transitioned back into culture that is easier for me, more “normal,” for me.  There are a gillion shops in the London airport, and one that happens to be packed with headbands!  Yep, if you know me- i can’t get enough of the things for some reason. So simple.  However, as I walked into the store I was overwhelmed with the desire to want/want/want.  One thing the Lord really dealt with me on in Africa was just really showing me the heart of the temptations that I often face on a daily basis – the ones I am sometimes not even willing to look at.  One of the coolest parts of being in Africa was that I didn’t long for “stuff” the way I do in America.  I didn’t really think about money, about spending, about TOMS/headbands/cute summer stuff/ Nikes for kamp–none of that really crossed my mind- and yeah you could go with the well Stef why would you be really wanting when there wasn’t any of that there to want- however, it was also a simple change in eye sight.  When Jesus is our absolute focal point, when we wake up and lay down and breathe all day knowing that we are in  desperate of Jesus- that He is my want, my portion, my hope, my joy, peace, my everything.  Africa daily so overwhelmed me that I knew there was no point of letting my feet hit the floor if I was not going to fully rely on Him.  As I head back to America, as in will be there in like eh 12 hours will be in Dallas!- I pray my heart and my mind stay in this place of ok Jesus- all you- all day- all night- all you.  And yes- it’s always this way- however, I love those really sweet opportunities that the Lord gives us every single day to press into Him, to trust Him, to lay it all at His feet, and just whisper have your way Lord- to pray Your will be done.  He’s so so so faithful! It’s evident at home in good ole’ Kansas, it was so evident this year in Branson, these past few weeks in Africa, in London now – with this international spot flooded with His people, and it will be so evident in sweet Dallas.  It’s evident everywhere. He is made known.  gonna run for now- just wanted to blog a bit and throw out some pics!  So many more to come- 433 to be exact!  Will continue to update from the states, and poetry will be flyin out soon. y’all are awesome. thanks so much for reading.  please keep praying over the Starlings, A place of hope, and Nigeria as a whole.  Those kiddos are so faithful to be in prayer every night for those praying for and supporting them- hope we can be the same for them.  He is good & so faithful.  Will keep the bloggin up from Texas! better put my african soil covered shoes up, and get out the boots.. yeee haw y’all. In His Grace!


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