like a machine!

this blog will be a really fast one and then I will write much more later tonight. It’s the middle of the day here- 4:30 ish and just hopped off the back of a “machine” aka motorcycle after traveling to the local market with ThankGod (one of the guys who works at a place of Hope and is part of the Starling fam)  I hadn’t been to this local market yet so they asked if I wanted to tag along.  I’m in African adventure mode so of course I said I’d love to, hopped on the back of the bike and we went.  Now here is the thing riding a motorcycle in the bush is a little different then riding in America.  My parents have been motorcycle lovers forever and so I have grown up knowing all the ins and outs of what should happen on a bike.  Lets just say dad would have a cow if he saw the way people ride here.  There are not traffic lanes so you weave in and out the whole time, the roads aren’t paved often so you are also dodging potholes, and the only defensive driving technique you have is the horn.  The whole time I ride these things part of me is thinking “ahhhhhhh” and the other part of me is loving every second.  All the guys are awesome drivers, it just isn’t anything I am used to. As we sped through traffic today and I was just talking with the Lord, it hit me in the heart that this is so much of the time what my life feels like.  I have the option of really clinging to Jesus and trusting His lead, or just not getting on the bike all together because I fear everything that could go wrong, and am not willing to lay down what I think is my opportunity to drive.  I dug in Psalm 57 this morning and I absolutely cling to 57:2- we truly do get to call out to God Most High- and He will fulfill HIS purpose for us.  Not sure what you are up to today- but I do know that this is Truth, whether you are in the bush, at work, with your family, or on vacation. NO matter what we serve a God who will fulfill HIS purpose for us.  SO comforted and excited about that.  This was just a huge encouragement to my heart- pray it is one  to yours, too! I will write more later.  Only a couple more days in the bush- so soaking up every second. Your prayers are heard, and I am continually encouraged by all the support! Thanks so much for extending His love!  Bush bloggin be back up tonight!  In His grace- from de bush! Ride that Machine today- He is the only worthy driver- and He will fulfill His purpose!


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