ALL i am is YOURS

Just finished being “support” while bamboo was cut in the bush, and de-ticking the new puppy that is the newest member to A place of Hope. yes, just a typical morning in the bush!  Banana Bread just finished baking so this blog might be kind of quick, as my belly is very hungry, and the smell is incredible!  So can I just say- God is so good.  Today I walked with the boys to cut bamboo in the bush- of course, I don’t really know what I am doing and they know that, so a lot of the time consisted of me walking around finding random things in the bush to investigate.  I happened to carry my ipod with me when I went, and listened to some jams for really the first time since I’ve been in Africa.  Anyone who knows me well knows that music is one of things that makes my heart beat fast, not the music itself, but the lyrics that fill it.  My first go to was a song by Forever Jones called- He wants it all- really beautiful that whether I am in the smack dab middle of the bush in Nigeria or in the middle of America, I serve a God who wants it all. He is beyond worthy of all, and He desires all of us.  From there I’ll Stand came on = and that was the one that really shook me up.  Over and over I heard the words “All, I am is YOURS!”  “All I am is Yours”  — This was the Truth that I needed to hear today.  In Nigeria people often stop and stare at me–not because I am anything special but because I am an American girl, I am white, I dress differently, the list could go on and on all day.  BUT at the end of the day I don’t want to be recognized for anything but HIS.  I am HIS.  We are HIS.  We are not our own we have been bought with a price. The highest price. and HE only is worthy. ….there is so much dark here that I often get overwhelmed thinking about it.  I fight with an injustice that I have no control over.  However, when I was hanging out with Jesus the other day reading my Bible at the table, I read the verse that says “For with you is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light. Psalm 36:9.  This one really really got me because it makes so much sense that it is in Him, it is in His light, that we see light. And apart from Him there is not light.  He is our Light, and we are the light of the world. Man, we gotta live this.  We are followers of Jesus, this is nothing to slack in.  My heart is so convicted here- as I see the desperate need for real faith to be lived out and demonstrated daily.  Ahhh. I could go all day, but the generator just went out and so its dark, and I am craving banana bread!  Yesterday I went to a free medical clinic- OH MY WORD- and visited the hospital — all I have to say for now on that is WOW.  People are super sick, and so desperate, thankful that He alone is our hope.  Clinging to that Hope. To Him!  Thanks so much for the prayers and encouragement.  I fly out of here on Sunday, and will get back to Dallas on Monday! So excited to see people, and yet so sad to leave this place! Will continue updating. The African rain just started falling, ahh, He is so good!  LOVE LOVE LOVE from the bush. Will update soon!


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