market mayhem

Good Evening from the bush.  it’s been another incredible day in africa, and once again i am just flat thankful for the goodness of our God.  today was one of my favorite days of this trip up to this point due to this little orange ball that has always had a solid place in my heart known as basketball.  I knew that there was a basketball in the trunks that flew over with me from the states, and today was the day we got it out. they loved it, cheered for it, and were so excited that it finally made it s way out of the trunk and was aired up.  We dribbled and passed and shot all along the compound. It was so so fun, and ahhh just woke my heart my heart up in a whole new way.  God is so good all the time.  After basketball we got to go the market round 2.  There is so much culture in that place in blows my mind.  I literally could just sit in that place and people watch all day long.  the good news of the market today is that I found the African foods that i love..yes, most of you probably won’t believe this but it’s true.  there is a cereal called choco balls, and this awesome milk product called cowbell.  it’s pretty much powdered milk in a can that you mix with water and sugar.  this will probably be a ton of my diet until I return to the states, it is so so good.  if you mix it with the drink i love here called nutri-c, i am set!  another cool experience today was riding on public transport- holy buckets- there were so many people in such a small space it was incredible.  there is no personal space bubbles in Nigeria, your space is also everyone else’s.  It cracks me up, and i don’t really mind being close to people so hey the more the merrier!  today was pretty simple as a whole, but that is what i really love about being here.  i didn’t get out my planner to see what i was doing, i rarely looked at my watch, and my cell phone was only filled with encouragement and continued prayer.  it’s different here, but I appreciate so much about both here and home.  It’s so cool to see the Lord be so present and active in both places.  He is God of the nations, and He does live.  There is such a need here for sound doctrine, and a true teaching of Scripture.  It makes my heart beat fast, and is a constant reminder to me that we have to got to be diligent to daily be in His Word. so thankful that He promises to engrave it on our hearts.  while I write this in complete dark- yes when the sun goes down in Nigeria, and the generator goes off, it is all dark- anyways while writing in the dark I am just so reminded of how desperate we are for Light. We need Him flat out, whether you are the blind man I saw wandering around in the market today, or whether you are the wealthiest person ever in the heart of the U.S. you are in desperate need of Jesus everyday.  I am in desperate need of Jesus everyday, and John 15 continually rings out in my mind that I am nothing apart from Him. literally nothing.  Thankful that He is all I can extend to these people in Africa.  Jesus. His Love. the Truth. the Gospel in Full. Lived out.  daily. He is faithful and sufficient in all.  so worthy of all glory, honor, and praise.  Ahhh. ok gonna go try to sleep I think. it’s been a full day in the bush, and while my body clock is still on american time, I don’t mind laying in my bed, with two of the most precious kids ever sleeping on my floor, hearing the noises of the bush, just thanking God for all that He is, who He calls us to be, and the sweet opportunities He gives us all the time.  He really is so so good.  Been diggin in 1 Timothy 6 and am so continually challenged there.  Check it out. so good.  This is where my heart is today….\’\the aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.  1 timothy 1:5.  that is my prayer.  to have that aim and charge.  all by His grace, and prayerfully for His glory.  thanks so much for reading, for praying, and for being huge encouragements.  i have a little over a week left in the bush, and then i will head back to the states, so going to make the most of every opportunity, and really press into all He is teaching me here.  today just stop and look at the people around you, where you, and the opportunities there. love a little deeper, ask a few more questions, listen a little longer, hug a little tighter, and laugh more.  dig and dig in that truth, wear out those knees in prayer, and reflect on that fact that God absolutely delights in you and made you in His own image.  that will never get old, that will always be what makes my heart beat fast.  and He will always be the only one who opens doors like this, for us to see Him all over the world, in all sorts of kinds of His people, in the most wealthy and the most impoverished places, in the market and in the wal-mart, in the bush and in the city, my heart rejoices for He is here.  today my heart began to take the labels off of Nigeria- the Lord is continuing to remove scales from my eyes- to see past the shattered, and to see that He is here! so so thankful.  Will update soon.  love love from the bush! 


2 responses to “market mayhem

  1. Absolutely love reading about your time in Africa! You are a stud and I love hearing about what God is doing in you and through you.

  2. Stef,
    I am so proud of you!!! I have read your letters and received the thank you note. You are a true blessing to the children in NIgeria and a huge role model for the students and community members of Baxter.You are leading by example!! God has truly blessed you and I know he will continue to do great things in your life. I am amazed and very touched by your christian spirit and your passion for our Lord. You have so many great talents and abilities and it seems as though God has blessed you with many spiritual gifts as well. If you need anything at all in the future (sponsorships, etc….) let me know!! Love you, Shelly Grimes

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