clinging tightly.

Holla from Nigeria!   just gonna do a quick run down before I head to bed.  Constantly blown away by what the Lord is doing in this place, and with these people.  Beautiful.  The word I continually go back to here.  The last couple days have consisted of hanging out with some of the most beautiful kids on the planet, an incredible family, and just watching God’s creation be God’s wonderful creation.  Yesterday we climbed a huge hill that overlooked villages, and the bush was absolutely breath taking.  I got to climb a mango tree, and eat right off of it. Today we ventured to the market, WOW, and I got to attend a traditional Nigerian wedding ceremony which meant eating garden egg with a peanut butter pepper sauce and drinking Malt.  One Word: HOT! My mouth almost exploded I think.  It was really fun, and just cool to see the culture here.  It blows my mind to see the diversity and yet the unity, so thankful that in Christ we are one body- regardless of all- we remain one. Yesterday for sure was one of my favorite Easter celebrations ever. We went to Church with a stuffed full van, got to hear all about Jesus rising and conquering sin & death, danced during singing, and rode home from church in a dress on the back of a motorbike ( i think we need this in America!) It was so cool because there was no fluff. The main thing was the main thing, that being CHRIST.  One man walked 3 hours just to attend the service. For real 3 hours. That’s so awesome. He ‘s super old and he walked with his small bag 3 hours to hear God’s word go forth.  So thankful for that example.  I also got proposed to, don’t worry, I said no and he already has a wife. But He was the sweetest old man, and had one of the best smiles I have ever seen.  I’m going to head to bed soon, two of the most special kiddos on the planet are asleep on the floor, and I am constantly reminded of God’s faithfulness and sovereignty when I see them.  I wish I knew a better way to communicate that to them that the Lord is truly using them to change my life.  Speaking of communication, got a Nigerian cell phone today :), and am learning a lot about the Ebo language.  I am horrible at it, but it keeps people laughing which is good.  Also in Stef Taylor form- to the wedding today I wore a sweet African Skirt that Abbs let me borrow with Nike crew socks, and TOMS. yes some things never change, even in third world countries.  Thanks so much for reading, I will keep updating, and pictures will be coming soon.  Today I am just again reminded of His grace in our lives, His provision, and His faithfulness.  If you want to read more about A place of Hope please check out their website at  Cannot wait to write more soon.  HE is so good & faithful!


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